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A Comprehensive Guide

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About the Book

As population ages and we live longer, how people, collectively and individually, plan for their retirement, becomes not just a concern for the society, but an utmost priority for individuals as well.

The A to Z Guide to Retirement Planning, adopts a multi-faceted and holistic approach, in addressing the many issues related to planning for our retirement. This book is uniquely presented with each letter of the alphabet touching on a key consideration in retirement planning. Some examples are: 


What is annuity? How can it help you in sustaining a lifetime of consistent income during your retirement?

Balance Sheet

Why is it also known as a statement of net worth? How is it useful in assessing your financial health, before you start your retirement planning?


How does inflation impact our retirement fund? What courses of action do we have, to address the shrinking value of our money?


What are these sources? What role does each source plays in building up your retirement fund?

Time Factor

What role does the ‘time’ factor play in building up your retirement fund? How fast can the compound interest rate increases your investment returns?

With medical advancements, our life expectancy is set to get even longer, and the time we spend in retirement will also be extended proportionately.

The key question is: 

Use the A to Z Guide as a resource book, to get a head start in your retirement planning and enjoy the desired & fulfilling retirement that you truly deserve!

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The Author

Patrick Chang

Patrick Chang is an author, trainer, speaker, and card game developer. He is also an experienced financial advisory professional, with more than a decade in business, where he helps his clients with their holistic financial plans, through the use of The Financial Portfolio Analysis Tool kits.

Based on the 5 Strategic Pillars developed from his book, ‘The A to Z Guide to Retirement Planning’, Patrick, an ACTA certified trainer, has constructed and trademarked the M|A|P|P|ED® system, which is a financial literacy training program, on developing comprehensive financial plan, for a financially secured future. The M|A|P|P|ED® training program has been adapted to meet different learning

requirements, for maximum impact and result.

Patrick has also done informational talks on CPF LIFE, Medishield Life and other financial topics at corporations, government agencies & social enterprises.

Patrick graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Double Majors) from Curtin University and received his MBA from the University of Adelaide. He is also a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) & Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP®).

Patrick has contributed 3 commentaries to Channel News Asia website. These commentaries have been shared a combined total of more than 116,051 times, as of 28 July 2019.

These commentaries can be found at the following links:

Patrick has also done a Podcast on CNA, which can be accessed via this link:

Patrick has been interviewed on local medias several times, including the most recent on Radio CNA938, where the focus of discussion is on the subject of ‘Sudden Wealth Syndrome’: what is it about, the financial & social impact on individuals and the strategies to deal with the syndrome effectively.

In other radio interviews on 938Live, Money FM893 & Capital 958 (Mandarin station), he shared on how financially secured retirement can be achieve through a holistic approach, emphasizing risk management, wealth accumulation & preservation, as well as the awareness of investment scams.

Patrick is the winner of the inaugural Best Personal Brand Award in 2017 for Retirement Planner. The award is presented by the Marketing Institute of Singapore.

Patrick's Vision

Empowering people to fulfill aspirations for their lives through enhanced financial literacy.

His Mission

To inspire financial prudence, financial appreciation, financial independence, so that people’s lives are impacted, families’ future secured, retirees’ wishes granted, children’s dream fulfilled, through the process of financial advisory and education.

For more information on Patrick's work, media interviews & commentaries, trademarked training programmes, copyright products, professional testimonials and more.

What is M|A|P|P|ED®

M|A|P|P|ED® is an interactive, financial literacy training program that focuses on developing a holistic financial plan, for a financially secured future. To achieve maximum result, this trademarked signature program can be and has been adapted to meet the different learning needs of participants.

The learning outcomes of the M|A|P|P|ED® program:

  1. Appreciate the importance of OWNING a holistic financial plan, from Wealth Management, Accumulation, Preservation, Protection to distribution, in a concise and effective manner
  2. Application of knowledge and skill set to achieve the 3 levels of financial well-being.

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Book Anniversary

10 Nov 2017

To commemorate the launch of his maiden book, Patrick held a book anniversary celebration event. Attended by friends and supporters, the events charts the journey Patrick went through to publish his first book.


What People Say About the Book

Patrick has written a comprehensive guide to retirement in Singapore and in a manner that mostman on the street can understand. A must read for those who wants to start thinking about retirement.

Christopher Tan
CEO, Providend Ltd


What People Say About the Book

How can we plan for our retirement so that we can all enjoy life after 55? The ‘A to Z Guide to Retirement Planning’ is a comprehensive book with 26 important topics on retirement planning.It is easy to read with many useful tips and examples. I have enjoyed and learned a lot from reading it. A highly recommended book for everyone!

Steven Koh
CEO, Trillion Training (S) Pte Ltd


What People Say About the Book

Reading Patricks book has provided me with useful insights on planning for retirement that I wish I had known earlier in my life! It's well written yet easy to read, chunking down complex information with relatable scenarios that enables the reader to make more informed choices and actions.

Bernadette Chua
Dream Catalyst Pte Ltd


What People Say About the Book

Have you met Patrick Chang? Have you read his book 'The A to Z Guide to Retirement Planning'? If not I urge you to please take some time to meet this wonderful gentleman and get and read a copy of his book. When I first met Patrick the first think that touched me was his humility and his very down to earth persona. When I read his book it gave me another great insight about him. He had carefully considered from A-Z everything that we could possibly need to consider in retirement planning. I myself a banking professional and a former regional director of banking software firm found his book very clear, easy to read and understand. Having read many books on banking and finance and financial planning I found his book par excellence.Patrick is a professional to turn to if you are looking for an unbiased and frank advice on your financial planning matters.

Ram N Dubey


What People Say About the Book

When people are asked to choose between ‘retire from enjoyment’ or ‘enjoy your retirement’, they will generally choose the later.  However, many people have inadequate knowledge on retirement planning and that’s when Patrick Chang’s book, ’The A to Z Guide to Retirement Planning’ comes in handy.  The book is an easy read and his nuggets of information can be consumed in parts or in whole. I like the chapter on ‘Job and Skills Upgrade’ because Patrick added great value to his readers by offering career management advice when the income earner is retrenched. This book is your Global Positioning System (GPS) that takes you to your retirement.’

Terence Chiew
Author & Founder, Peet Asia Pte Ltd


What People Say About the Book

'The A to Z Guide to Retirement Planning' contains many easy-to-understand and practical gems that will certainly benefit consumers and financial planning practitioners looking for supplementary resources in their practice. Retirement is a significant challenge for most Singaporeans and this book that is written in plain English will definitely help you get started without feeling overwhelmed by all the technical jargons and complex technical concepts applied by the professionals. I highly recommend this book!

Ronald Wong
Managing Director, Financial Perspectives Pte Ltd


What People Say About the Book

Retirement Planning – a concept most of us are familiar with but very few of us take consistent and regular action to do something about it. Perhaps it is because most of us don’t exactly know WHAT to do and HOW to go about doing it – and we are apprehensive about approaching a financial consultant to ask for advice.

If you are one of those individuals, Patrick’s book on 'The A to Z Guide to Retirement Planning' is an excellent place to start. Patrick’s book is truly one of a kind. He has done such an excellent job in distilling complex financial and retirement concepts into simple bite-sized lessons that are very easy to understand – from Annuities, to Cashflow, to understanding Non-regulated Investment Schemes. And the best thing about this book is that you do not need to read sequentially from cover-to-cover – you can go straight to the topic that interests you most.

This book is literally everything you need to know about accumulating and preserving wealth for your golden years. So if you are wondering what to do and how to go about building your nest-eggs for a comfortable retirement, look no further. This book is all you need.

Steven Lock
Author, Organizational Performance Strategist &
Coach, FutureTHINK! Training & Consultancy LLP

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